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The Lights Out have been traveling down a long, forked road. On that road, there are branches of you splitting off with every decision you make. Each branch is a different you, living a different version of your life, in a whole other world. The Lights Out have seen every color and every shape of your parallel lives. They’re as real as this one. And now, they’re taking you on a TRIP. They’re breaking through the void that separates this reality from the others. It’s dark out there, so follow their lights, or you won’t make it back.

In this reality, The Lights Out have showcased at music conferences from SXSW to CMJ, released multiple albums, had songs on MTV, appeared in Billboard and played an arena and a dome. For more, visit thelightsout.com


  • SXSW official showcase performer
  • CMJ Music Marathon official showcase headliner
  • MTV "Jersey Shore" season premiere
  • Billboard Pro band
  • AOL Music Listening Party
  • US Airways in-flight entertainment pick
  • #1 chart position on Boston rock radio
  • VH1 licensor
  • ABSOLUT® Vodka commercial feature
  • Top 10 "Best Unfiltered Bands in the Northeast" by Harpoon Brewing Company
  • "National Pick" Finalist at M.E.A.N.Y. Fest (NYC)
  • Carrier Dome performer
  • Gillette Stadium opener for New England Patriots season
  • Opened for Andrew W.K. and members of Dream Theater, King’s X and Dixie Dregs
  • Showcased at South By Southwest (TX), CMJ (NYC), MidPoint Music Festival (OH), Dewey Beach Music Conference (DE), The Wave Gathering (NJ), International Pop Overthrow (MA) and Block Island Music Festival (RI)
  • The Lights Out formed before anyone played a single note together
  • The band has played a stadium (Gillette Stadium in MA) and a dome (Carrier Dome in NY)
  • It is the first band to release a studio album on a beer, and it takes perfectly-executed teamwork from all four members to remove the empties from their rehearsal space
  • The band's music has been called "bank heist rock" -- even before their van sprung a police trap and was pulled over by four police cars mistakenly(?) accusing them of attempting to steal an ATM on their way to White Castle
  • Every member's real name is also a great stage name
  • he band refers to its collaborative process as “cutting up the baby.”
  • The band prides itself on its great parking karma, and laughs in the face of a jinx by putting this in print
  • A pizza chain once dedicated a pie in honor of the band
  • It is the only band with its own traveling kickball team: "Lights Out," out of Harrisburg, PA
  • It galloped through online dating networks as its "Rock_Pony" mascot, a voracious centaur babe
  • The band has donned bald wigs, cone bras, ruffled shirts, rhinestone gloves and fake mustaches to play sold out Halloween shows as Phil Collins, Madonna, The Kinks, Michael Jackson, Queen, Heart and Tom Petty
  • The band’s van is named Tim
  • Rish decided to leave his old band after dreaming a song
  • Adam once landed in the emergency room with an IV hours before stage time and still made it to the gig, wearing his hospital bracelets
  • Jesse’s father sent three kids to college playing in a professional band, and played with members of Bon Jovi
  • Adam grew up in the hometown of Bruce Springsteen, and his father played with him on the ‘60s/‘70s Jersey Shore club circuit
  • Matt can quote lines from any Star Wars movie, in English or Turkish
  • Rish graduated from Berklee College of Music with a performance degree
  • Jesse and Adam were in the same year at Syracuse University – even shared a band member – but never met
  • Matt used to be a hippie

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